who is kuuzira travel blog author

Welcome, beautiful souls.

Let’s start at the beginning. Kuuzira (pronounced: koo-zear-ah) is written and edited by Vicki Chagger, an Irish born London living self proclaimed explorer. The blog, previously named ‘Vicki Louise: Muse’ started its life as a fashion blog back in 2014. Vicki herself studied fashion, and very much dreamed of becoming a fashion writer for a major publication and donning the cobbles of the fashion weeks every season. After finishing her degree and landing the social media and PR role dreams are made of, her passion was flipped on its head after one chance competition.

A supplier of the company she worked for, One Difference, launched an incentive to send a lucky few staff members on a trip of a lifetime, to Malawi, Africa. (You can read more on that here). After receiving the news of her place, and many a tear of disbelief, excitement and anticipation, Vicki set off on the 9,346.5 mile journey to Blantyre, by way of Johannesburg – her first time off European soil.

The five day trip inspired a new love for the world and its people, and upon her return, she couldn’t escape the burning wanderlust that plagued her every thought. Until one evening, post too much wine, and the purchase of a one way ticket to Nepal. Bye bye job, hello adventure. Cue freak out.

Since then, she started the unknown journey of nomad life, and has rebranded the blog to share stories of her adventures, ridiculous encounters and all sorts of weird and wondrous things one might encounter as a solo traveller. But a content rebrand needed a name rebrand.

Whilst scouring the internet for travel related words to rebrand, her options sounded pretty lame. Her aim was to inspire. To inspire people to travel, to read, to meet people and to experience, to feel something. So, ‘inspire in different languages’ was typed in to the search bar. You never know, right?

And there it was, Kuuzira. A pretty cool if not oddly spelled word that jumped out amongst the others. She drew her eyes across to see the origin of this pretty expression and almost fell off her chair. It’s the translation in Chichewa, the language of Malawi.

And thus, Kuuzira was born. Get stuck in, send her a message, add it to your bookmark/I’ll-probably-never-look-at-this-again list if you like, but above all, just enjoy.