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Dogs and Demons {Pam Hogg AW15}

February 25, 2015

Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion BlogWhere do I start?

Pam Hogg was the show I was most eager to attend throughout this season. If I’m totally honest, I hadn’t really heard much about her shows, other than she’s notorious for starting late.. Which she did. An hour late to be exact.

I probably would have been annoyed if it wasn’t for the fact that the show was freaking awesome. Alright, so PVC and bottom baring knicker shorts aren’t necessarily my go to choice for day to day (read: any day), but the atmosphere was electric from the moment I walked in to Freemasons hall.

Considering I had no idea what kind of clothing to expect, there were a few give aways… Firstly, the audience were rowdy. Loud and vocal, with the odd screams and cheers for no apparent reason other than to keep up the hype. The music filed the venue and the crowd grew to such a size that I knew I was in for a treat. There were people with hair the size of London, that genuinely must of taken at least one can of hairspray to fix, people dressed not dissimilar to Marylin Manson with my entire collection of eye liner decorating their eyes. I mean, it was pretty spectacular. To top it off, I spotted some excellent frow’ers. Zoe London – one of my fave bloggers and Noel Fielding. NOEL FIELDING. He is just too cool for words.

The collection began with the story of Little Red Riding hood, with an oversized silk hooded top and balloon puff ball skirt, and only grew in excitement and obscurity as it developed. Lots of dark, dark PVC, skin tight and skin baring, completely spliced with pastel metallic and clever appliqué. Not to mention the sky-high-break-an-ankle-McQueen-style platform shoes in the shiniest of patent you can get your toes in to.

There were giant headpieces made of twigs and floral bouquets, ice queen inspired mesh body suits covered in silver and the biggest false eyelashes the world ever did see. Studding and leather adorned biker jackets and flame patterned pieces engulfed the models making them a bunch you wouldn’t want to piss off, but definitely want to party with. Wear-ablitly? I’m not entirely convinced. Successful? Hell yes.

So, if you meet someone who, like I did, has no idea what to expect from a Pam Hogg show, tell them this: It’s dark and sexy and totally bad ass. You’re going to love it.

Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog Pam Hogg AW15 LFW Vicki Louise Muse Fashion Blog

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February 23, 2015

LFW AW15 Vicki Louise Muse fashion blog

Hello hello,

I just wanted to give you guys a little update – yes, I have been at London Fashion Week for the best part of the last three days, and I have so much to write up. Like SO much I want to share with you because it genuinely has been my best fashion week experience to date. But please forgive me, time is not on my side.

Life lesson learned here. How do people do it?! I’m exhausted! I didn’t ever agree with people when they said things like “there’s just not enough hours in the day” until right now. My eyes are just not playing game and are closing down on me.

I promise to have some decent content popping up asap, so please, in true Miranda style, bare with.

For now, here’s a few sneaky snaps to keep you from giving up on me. Please don’t do that. Thanks.

LFW AW15 Vicki Louise Muse fashion blog LFW AW15 Vicki Louise Muse fashion blogLFW AW15 Vicki Louise Muse fashion blogLFW AW15 Vicki Louise Muse fashion blog

Also, I have been tweeting and instagramming like a maniac throughout my LFW experience, so feel free to click on the word of your social media of choice to pop over and have a nosey.

These photos are all mine, so please do credit if you decide to share, thanks!

3.1 Phillip Lim NYFW AW15

February 17, 2015

3.1 Phillip Lim NYFW AW15 3.1 Phillip Lim NYFW AW15

I’m well and truly stressed. This weekend is one of my favourite, not to mention busiest weekends of the year, LFW, and my back has decided to give in. ERGH. I’m currently sat hunched over on my bed whilst writing this feeling sorry for myself. But hey, suck it up right?

I can always count on Phillip to make me feel a little better. I also like to pretend we’re on first name basis now… New York fashion week is well under way and the collections have been amaze. I haven’t looked through enough of them yet because life has just been so busy this week, but I’ll always make time for Lim.

Muted tones, grey and black. Heavy mashups of texture. Oxblood. Love it.

So he’s bringing back the robe coat and has clashed it with the laundry bag trend from a year or two ago and I think it’s looking pretty cool. Not entirely sure on the tiger print though, it’s a little Kat Slater but I can deal. That fluffy grey jumper on the other hand, I’m all over that.


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