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LFWend Official Blogger Competition

February 8, 2015

I have so much to tell right now that I genuinely feel I may burst. Be prepared, this is a long’un. Grab a cuppa…

Vicki Louise Muse Birthday LFWend blogger competition

So, it was my birthday the other day and I can honestly, hand on heart say this has been the best birthday ever ever ever. Starting with this competition. I saw it advertised in an email from LFWend, the winner getting to become the official blogger for London Fashion Weekend SS15’s website. My eyes lit up. DREAM.

I then went in to slight panic mode, I hadn’t much time as the deadline was the 30th of Jan by 5pm latest. Pressure – It was already the 26th at this point and I had two other writing deadlines and a full time job to deal with, plus, I felt as if all creativity ran out of my body as soon as I decided to give it a go. The brief was no more than 250 words on a British designers SS15 collection. 250 is not much, I mean I’m at 173 words already in this post and I’ve barely said a thing. Then I needed to choose a designer, and ended up getting lost on amongst the beautiful shows for hours, eventually settling on Stella McCartney and running out of time, fast.

Next I had to write. I had pages of notes, so many ideas and words and structure, but I couldn’t get a word out. I genuinely stared at the blank page on my laptop for at least an hour just trying to start. Stress. The deadline is tomorrow at this point, and I have work so I have to send it tonight. I think that made it worse. After a lot of procrastination, typing and deleting and re-typing and re-deleting, I got my arse in gear and got the piece done. Written, sent, delivered. PHEW!

Then it was waiting time… and would you believe, the winner would be announced when? My freaking birthday, that’s when. What are the chances?! Maybe it was fate? I just HAD to enter. What if I won? On my birthday of all days?!

So anyway, my birthday arrived and it was such a wonderful day. My desk at work was smothered in confetti and balloons and banners and I just had such a fun day full of a stupid amount of cake. It was awesome. The plan was then to go out for a casual drink after work in Shoreditch because I had to get up (preferably without a hangover) the next morning for a surprise that I’ve known about (without knowing the actual surprise, just that there was one) for two months. TWO MONTHS. More on that later.

So I’m on route to Shoreditch with a few of the girls when I remembered I hadn’t checked my emails. There it was, an email from Chloe at LFWend. Spoiler – I didn’t win.

Never mind, I did my best, I entered and gave it a go.

I read on… “however, we’re delighted to let you know that you made the top 10”. THE TOP TEN! I genuinely screamed that out loud in the the middle of Old Street station, to which nearly everyone within a hundred metres turned and stared at me. Awks.

That news officially made my birthday. I then put my phone away and we carried on trying to navigate towards the bar of choice – no luck, too busy. New plan. We gathered another recruit and ended up in ‘The Shoreditch’ – fyi, awesome venue. I sat down, relieved to be inside with a drink on the way and realised I hadn’t clicked the link on the email. I thought I’d have  look and see where I actually ranked in the competition. Upon opening, I swear to god I nearly passed out. I came second. SECOND. Oh. My. God. Cue tears – lots of. I literally couldn’t (still can’t) believe it, Bonnie Rakhit read my piece and placed it second out of how ever many entries. What the actual. It’s just nice to know that someone who isn’t my mum thinks I’m good. A little validation if you will! Day officially made. I’m going to post the write up on here tomorrow so you can have a read, I’d love to know what you think?!

From there, everything fell into place, all the girls turned up, we lucked out with an awesome alcove booth at the back and the tunes were on point. My face was plastered with a Cheshire cat grin for the remainder of the night and I just danced and danced until I got back into bed, bursting with joy and excitement from the day, and knowing there’s still a surprise to come…

24, I know I was sceptical, but I really think we’re going to be friends.

(P.S – Massive congratulations to the winner Suzi Smith you’re gunna rock it!)

Happy birthday Kate Moss!

January 16, 2015

Kate Moss birthday fashion photographySo I noticed that today is Kate Moss’ birthday, so started looking through the archives of her extensive portfolios. My goodness, this woman is such a chameleon!

In every image she has the power to captivate your eyes with a completely different aura, yet she manages to keep that Kate essence at the forefront of her pose. Such skill. To still be going after all these years, and look just as damn incredible as she did the first time she gazed down the lens is quite an achievement. For anyone to be in the same career for that length of time and still love and thrive on what you do is precious.

Nice one Kate, happy birthday!

Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography Kate Moss birthday fashion photography

Image sources in order; 1. Vogue Brazil by Mario Testino,, (1993 cover), 4. I.D, 5. Vogue (via Istanbul Fashion Addict), 6. Vogue (via Trendland), 7. Elle France (via Super Model stars) and 8. W.




January 14, 2015

vicki louise muse macbook iphone 5c moleskin

Super quick update as today has been beyond busy… There should be some new stuff making it’s way to the ‘featured work’ page soon! SQUEAL.

Muse: Lena Dunham

January 12, 2015

Lena Dunham for V Magazine by Terry Richardson

V Magazine – Terry Richardson

In excitement for the new series of Girls later on tonight (insert pathetic squeal here), I felt it completely necessary to focus this muse feature on the one and only, Lena.

It was only last year that I really clocked some serious hours absorbing the wonder that is Dunham, when a close friend of mine nudged me to watch Girls. Although slightly reluctant at first, once I started watching, I literally could not stop, flying through the first three seasons in about 4 days. Seriously. Her character, Hannah, seemed to ring home with me, aspiring writer –  check – attempting to break in to the real world with a pathetic amount of money – check – weirdly funny and down right witty pretty much all of the time – well, I’d like to say check.

“No, I am not a sexpert, a psychologist, or a dietician. But I am a girl with a keen interest in having it all, and what follows are hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.”

The above quote is taken from her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, of which I am about 3/4 through and completely loving. The book is full of personal essays that touch on all manner of life aspects, from dating to dieting, to sex and work struggles, all from a woman who seems to have the world at her feet. I find some comfort in the fact that, even though she has done so well, and completely succeeded in making a name for herself, that she too has weird habits and has had bad relationships, bouts of anxiety and scuffles with her BMI.

She reminds me that we are all just human. We all want to succeed and do something spectacular, but we are all the same, living and breathing and getting on with it each day. It’s so easy to get stuck in to a mindset that celebrities and icons are almost another realm of human, but in reality, they’re not. They’re the same as you and me. But we can do it, if we really want to, and if we put in the time, it will happen. The woman barely sleeps for goodness sake, she actually lives her dreams.

“If you’re writing, you’re starting in private. It can really be this amazing, private, freeing experience. Forget that it’s for other people – that comes in later.”

Lena, I’d like to thank you, just for being you.

Lean Dunham for Vogue Magazine


Lena Dunham for Vogue


Lena Dunham for NY Times

NY Times

“I think if you feel like you were born to write, then you probably were.”


January 11, 2015

tim walker photography vogue italia

Tim Walker for Vogue Italia 2007

At this time of year, everyone looks back on the year gone and creates new paths for themselves. A way to re-evaluate and carve out a new journey to take throughout the next.

I am no stranger to this mantra. Every year, I’ll loose 10lbs and stop eating chocolate. I’ll cut down on drinking and save all of my money. This never happens. Why do we do this to ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for goal setting. You need something to work towards to keep you sane, but unrealistic goals can leave you feeling worse off that you stared. Trust me.

So, this year, I have changed my thought pattern. No more dismissive and restrictive attitudes towards eating habits or alcohol consumption, but just this: To be happy.

That’s it. That’s my one goal for 2015.

How do I do that? Who knows, but I’m starting here, on muse. Like I’ve said previously, I’ve always wanted to work within fashion, but I’ve never really managed to break in, heck I’ve barely even scraped the surface. But on reflection, I haven’t really tried. I have just spoken about trying, and how many things I am going to do… Without actually doing them.

Sure, I’ve been to Fashion Week and shows and press days, but I cannot look back and wholeheartedly say that I absorbed every possible inch I could from those experiences. That makes me sad.

So this is what I have realised (although a little late I’ll admit), no one is going to hand me a golden ticket to the fashion world. No one is going to call me up out of the blue and offer to publish my article in Vogue. No one is going to invite me to the elite shindigs to sip gin with Grace Coddington and Susie Lau. It’s not just going to happen… unless I put in the ground work.

This is time to get cracking, to actually do something about it.

So, to prove I’m not all talk once more, I have started to lay the foundations, cementing in the first yellow brick of my road to Emerald City if you will, I have applied for a short course in Fashion Journalism. I should find out by tomorrow if I’ve bagged a place or not, but it’s a start.

I’ve also reached out to fellow peers that are in the industry in different areas, trying to rekindle relationships and create some exciting content. Again, we’ll have to wait and see if anything develops but I won’t be letting things drift off so easily anymore.

And lastly, I’ve been reading. A lot.

I need to become a sponge. Not in the literal sense of course, that would be odd. But in the psychological sense. Take in everything around me, snatch up opportunity and make the most of every second I have on this planet.

After all, this blog is all about finding myself. So, let’s do this.