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A walk in the jungle

Our Jeep rounded the corner to the sound of intense screaming and shouting. It was pitch black on the jungle road and as the driver switched off the engine and the lights, – the most obvious thing to do in the dark? – all I could think was that someone was being malled by a Godzilla sized tiger. After switching the engine back…

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Abandoning the scaries of Bokor Mountain

I don’t like scary things. I watched The Mummy when I was a kid and didn’t sleep for a week. Even as an adult, I get nightmares way too often. Just recently, whilst staying at the awesome Tiny Tiger Hostel in Da Lat, Vietnam, I dreamt that a guy leaned over my bed and silently screamed at me, whilst I was…

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Six things I’ve learnt from six months on the road

This fine day marks a whole 182 days, exactly 6 months since I flew the coop. By coop, I mean home, and by home, I mean England. As I type, I’m sat in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 33c heat. It’s around 5 in the afternoon and I don’t know a single soul, which is liberating and lonely in equal part….